Top5 Best VPN Services of 2015!

VPN service helps You to unblock video sites (e.g. Hulu.com) and other content from around the world. You can quickly change your IP address and hide your real location from hackers and traffic scanners.
Below is this week's TOP5 VPN providers list. We search and compare best VPN deals online every day so You can save time and money by getting best deal possible.

All Top5 VPN Providers support both PPTP and OpenVPN Protocols.
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VPN Provider
Main benefits
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TOP5 VPN Providers
  • >14,000 IPs, >150 servers, 62 countries
  • Have all VPN protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Connect multiple devices at once
  • 102,649+IPs to choose
  • Largest number of countries
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Works on mobile (iPhone, Android) and PC
  • Unblock any site
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • No logging of your browsing activity
  • 500 high speed servers in 22 countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 2048 Bit Encryption
  • Cheapest VPN to start for begginers
  • 450+ high speed server locations
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Allows to use 5 devices at the same time
  • No restrictions on data transfer
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Disclaimer: We constantly test and monitor all VPN providers in the top 5 list and help you get most updated info. In order to keep this service ads free, we use links that credit our site for referring people to VPN service providers.

Recent customer IPVanish review

IP Vanish has great VPN service. It’s SO hard to figure out what to do when your buying a service like this, but my husband and I decided on this VPN after really reading and reviewing everything they offer and figuring out which company we could really trust. So far, so good! We chatted online with their customer support desk and set it up in only a little while! Such a good service! I totally recommend!


Latest HideMyAss Review

HideMyAss has followed me around the world since I signed up. I first bought the software when I was on university campus which blocked me from watching Hulu and it worked. I then used it when I was at coffee shops to give myself a more secure browsing experience, it worked then. Then I found myself in the Middle East on an ERASMUS study year and I needed it to get on Facebook. It's never let me down and it costs next to nothing, a complete no brainer for me.


Latest PureVPN Review

The thing that I love the most about PureVPN is that uptime guarantee. Not that I would ever try to log all the network activity to determine if they actually made the 99.999% guarantee, but it speaks to credibility that they even try to offer it. I have not even seen another VPN service provider attempt something like this...oh, yeah, the service rocks as well!

Do I need VPN? Secure your browsing wherever You are.

Every time you visit a website, your real IP is exposed and usually logged in the website’s log files. Later this IP can be analyzed and tracked to your real home address. Let's say you write a comment on news site. This comment can be considered slander and someone can sue you for it. However, if you were using VPN, then it is almost impossible to trace your real IP.

VPN allows access to websites blocked for certain countries. Let’s say I am from US but travel in Asia. I won’t be able to watch my favorite shows on Hulu.com using Asian IP address. To bypass this restriction I need a VPN service.

There are many other websites that discriminate against IP addresses. The only way to avoid this is to use VPN service. It encrypts your Internet connection and makes it safer. 

Just a small list of thing you can do with VPN:
- Access and watch content on country blocking sites like Hulu.com, Netflix and others
- Hide your real IP from hackers and sneaky webmasters
- Avoid IP banning in forums and other websites
- Secure WiFi connection in a hotel or cafe
- Access your bank accounts from safe IP while traveling abroad

How Does VPN Work And Protect My Identity Online?

Imagine you go to a war zone. Would you rather search enemy hideout yourself or send a robot with remote control? I bet you chose the second option.
VPN is very similar. Your PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone talks only to VPN server and is protected from direct contact with internet threats. VPN is like anonymous mask. In case anything goes wrong, you just dump current IP and switch to another server.

Every VPN provider has a pool of IP adresses (for example HideMyAss has more than 100k IPs) that you can "borrow" and change identities in a few seconds. One minute you can appear as if from New York, the other – like from LA. 

Generally you can use VPN in 2 ways: a) through special program/app or b) VPN router.
In first case, you install program/app on the device and enter username with password. Then you select specific country and server and click CONNECT. Voila, after a few seconds you get a secure connection between You and VPN server. 

VPN router takes a bit longer to setup but you only have to do it once. After that, every device connected to this router can use VPN service without additional programs.

How to use VPN on your mobile and computer

How VPN connections benefit You and How to choose best VPN?

Once you have VPN connection, you greatly reduce risks to your personal information and device connected to the internet. From invisible hackers in another continent to government spying on its people. No matter you are at home or at a job, your VPN protects you anywhere. Virtual private network allows you to remain anonymous and use safer connection to the web. 

With every VPN connection comes the feeling of freedom. You can be sure no one keeps track of your online activity anymore.
Today most online services are localized to the area you are in. For example, Google and other sites will show you ads related to the area you are living. That's because they know your real IP and geographical area. Sometimes you can feel like if someone is spying you. If you are sick and tired from various annoying ads, VPN is here to help.

Not all VPN providers are equal. The most important factor for a good VPN is server speed. If you want to stream online content you need to get fast VPN provider or else you will be frustrated with lagging connection.
Choosing the best VPN provider can be time consuming so we are here to help you. We tested and reviewed all VPN service providers in the top 5 list and you can be sure you will get the best service in the industry.

VPN has many benefits, but the most important advantage is added security through data encryption between your device and VPN server. Using VPN, you can improve your data protection and stay truly anonymous on the Internet.

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